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Fundamental practice II, middle page of the book printed in reversal so kindly change these type of mistake
Milan kumar Parida
more numerical problems should be there.
Hangma Boro
each technique could have been more elaborate and there should be some problems and solutions regarding each technique at the end of the individual topic. For example "FRAP": you have not given typical problems (regarding FRAP) which the students like us will face in the CSIR exam.
Pramod Kumar Yadav
This is the best book for any examination related to Life Sciences like CSIR,ICMR,ICAR,GATE,and other entrance examinations.
Gunjan Vasudeva
It's bestest academy for csir aspirants... pranav sir is really with god gifted talent of teaching.. You can find the difference in you after leaving this academy.. i got 9th rank in csir net because of this faculty only.. i can never be on this without this academy.. million of thanks to pranav sir and Tiwari sir.. my parents proud of me because of you only...thnkxxx thnkxx alots
Nice book .fundamental base ,which we looking for
Gaganjot Gupta
This is to inform you that about 8-10 pages are missing in the book I have received. Can you please help me out with this.
Purbajyoti Saikia
one of the best book of bio techniques describe in a concise but complete information. easy to understand with good ilustrations. the shipping of the books very good.thank you Pathfinder.
chandra gurnani
Books are excellent. Questions exercise also good but question explation is not given.if question answer give in detail then it's very beneficial for us. Thanks ****
Rajkumar Chakraborty
Very good book for methods in biotechnology. Received in good condition.
Rajib Shome
The best book available on market. Please also publish this kind of book for other topics. Also for MCQ books please try to publish with explanation.
Sudeep Kumar Gade
I like the book because of the crisp detail of the techniques. But, I think there would have been more techniques presented in the book.
Prerna Pathak
I have read many books for understanding the concepts of biophysics but this is the best book so far,it contains almost all the techniques with coloured dramatic representation which makes things to visualized very clearly.It recommend this book to everyone.
Ramanujan Awasthi
Accompanying the text on various techniques, questions under self test helps in assessment of overall concepts and challenge students to make the necessary connections to achieve competent understanding of the material. I use this textbook to teach our students and find it to be an excellent tool for the students as well. Many other books I've looked at are either too bulky, too basic, or the vocabulary is too difficult to follow. Although this book is not perfect, I think it's the best book for biology students.
Rajnish Gautam
The references list at the end of each chapter proves its content authenticity.The text in this book flows cohesively and clearly.Its diagrams are among its strongest features. Text blocks and graphics aren't crowded, sentences are concise. There is also good use of text features: colors and fonts vary with each level of organization; italics and boldfacing help students focus on the big ideas.The text is reader-friendly.This book's organizational style is its greatest asset.
Pradeep Kumar
Biophysics & Molecular Biology Fundamentals and Techniques is a complete text book. The book content covers the key techniques, principal and concept ofbiophysics and molecular biology subject. The text content is very clear and easily understandable without delving into painful detail.
Arvind Kumar
This is very helpful book for biophysics.
Govind Kumar
best books for biopphysics and techniques in India
Rahul Shukla
Yaa very awesome book specially for NET, GATE aspirants. It's provides all fine to finest concepts regarding tools and techniques applied in the molecular biology.its also gives us experimental planning scheme for daily lab use. The best things is all notations and their colour are exactly looks real. Buy it and read it and removes all doubts
rahul sharma
Yaa awesome book as provide best info. Throuhg writing skills and best pictures . As mr. Pranav kumar and other faculty provide their whole academic experience
Jyoti Chaudhary
This book is really best for make the basic platform to basic understanding the fundamentals of techniques in areas of science.
Purnima Mala
This book provide to the point and clear fundamentals of various useful biological techniques.The concept behind every technique is defined briefly which can be grasp by any student without prior knowledge to the subject.It is above worth buying.
Its been a nice experience to follow pathfinder books. I thank pathfinder academy for my success in GATE- 2012,2013,2014 and CSIR JRF NET June 2014. The compilation of facts and representation of concepts in a consize way in books helps me a lot during exams especially when I was running lack of time due to my project work. From the hearts of my hearts, I thank Mr. Pranav Kumar for taking such pains for the country\'s bright future. I believe that the students who are following pathfinder, they are at an edge of excellence.
amit garg
its a nice book which has all the necessary techniques and it provide better grab on understanding the basic principle.
Asmita Samadder
Well versed and lucrative language to cope up with...covers almost topics for NET/GATE/DBT/ICMR or other related competitive exams
Deepika Sharma
This book does a really great job of breking down for the net & other related competitive exam.the information is easy to read &understand. The hints on how to remember different things in each section were very helpful.
Harleen Kaur
Very good book!! it provides comprehensive knowledge of various advanced techniques, which is very significant from exam point of view.
Lekha Nath
Excellent and a Unique book as it provides in depth understanding of techniques in both the fields of Molecular Biology and Biophysics.
Aakansha .
An extremely informative book with techniques well explained. It helps one gain an insight about different techniques which is very helpful during interviews.