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Life Sciences Fundamentals and Practice - I Write a review
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Sugandha Pant
Great book very helpful for those who seek to clear the CSIR net exam .concepts have been explained in easy language plus questions related to topics have been provided at the end of it as well
Priya Mahajan
It's a better book for preparation to NET and other examinations...
Rakesh Jangade
Its informative
Krupa Patel
Rohit Patel
Maria Sebastin L
This book is very useful to me. Thank you!!!!!
Nitesh Mishra
It is exactly the same copy of 5th edition no change of even a single word only cover design changes
V.S. Saravanan
This book talks about the basics of the subjects in a vivid style, It has attracted me much to add this book into my class course content (
Ankita Singh
Hi, I am missing information present in around 15 pages i.e. 255-270. Please help me out how to get it. Thanks and best
shubha dixit
Suyash Dubey
Its good and much informative
Gargi Prasad S
Pramod Kumar Yadav
This is the best book for any examination related to Life Sciences like CSIR,ICMR,ICAR,GATE,and other entrance examinations.
Timely delivered.
Good Text. Simplified language
Good book and nice delivery....
Swathi M
Really appreciate that the service s available all over India and for selling the books that have the clear content useful for the exam.
Gurmeet Kaur
Dr. Tamanna Talreja
Tulsi Yadav
very good
Mrinalini Kumari
This book provides an excellent understanding of topics in less time. It is written in simplest language possible. I found the book very helpful for my preparations for competitive exams.
smita shekhawat
Subhadeep Mondal
Carefull studies of both fundamental 1 & 2 help me to reach in front of the door of CSIR JRF. A especial thanks to the pathfinder team to palate such kind of books to the candidates of entire nation so that they taste the flavour of success of CSIR JRF in Life Science.
Laiphrakpam Chetankumar
good service.
meenakshi upadhyay
very informative and helpful for competitive exams.
naven ch
this is best book for csir i have read so far
Ragini Singh
This book explain each topic in depth,well structured that is easily understandable. This book provide step by step explanation of all exercise.I think this is a nice book.
Jyoti Chaudhary
This book very helpful to make the platform of basic understanding in all fundamentals of life science.Its strategically concise language help to cover up more syllabus in short time period to break the competitive exams.
Krishna Kumar
Best books for csir-net exam
Purnima Mala
Informative books.... reading which we can derive the very basic fact that sometimes are ignored unknowingly by us . refer this book to compare your actual understanding about the enabled me to clear 2014 CSIR NET....
arunima kalita
very comprehensive and easy to read and understand. very helpfull during rapid revision
Himanshu Gupta
Awesome book made to fulfil everyone dreams in scientific area.. Each topic is written in easy n simple way which makes it easy to grasp.. Thank u pranav sir for helping n guiding us n most importantly in fulfilling my dream..
Its been a nice experience to follow pathfinder books. I thank pathfinder academy for my success in GATE- 2012,2013,2014 and CSIR JRF NET June 2014. The compilation of facts and representation of concepts in a consize way in books helps me a lot during exams especially when I was running lack of time due to my project work. From the hearts of my hearts, I thank Mr. Pranav Kumar for taking such pains for the country\'s bright future. I believe that the students who are following pathfinder, they are at an edge of excellence.
Sudheesh AP
It is really a great book, easy to make concepts thorough to everyone. Simple language of explanation makes it even more appreciable.
Deepika Sharma
Great book with explanation... It is good review for included every information related to explain immediately the questions. It excellent book for understanding fundamental concepts on molecular biolog,bioenergetics, cell biology, microbiology, immunology & diversity of life.there is so much information in here,covering all disciplines of CSIR-JRF-NET/ICMR/GATE/DBT/JNU/IISc/TIFR.your teacher can't cover everything but expect you to know it all when it come time for the exam.this book causes you to think in multiple ways & take into consideration small facts that end up being very important. So many questions &answers given are explained in detail so you actually remember the whole thing.
Asmita Samadder
Great book.....necessary for all exams specially NET/ICMR/GATE/DBT
Life Sciences part 1& 2 seems to be the BIBLE of Life Sciences. These are the excellent books for GATE, CSIR NET aspirants. These books enhance the understanding of basic concepts of Biology very easily with minimal efforts.Pranav Sir has tremendously great job for us by writting such good books.As these comprised or summarized each and every topic of the syllabus from a lot of good standardized books. And these books seem to be sufficient to crack CSIR NET, GATE, ICMR and many more exams. Truly I relied on these books to crack CSIR & GATE. Only because of the guidance of PRANAV SIR and these books, I could crack CSIR JRF NET JUNE 2014 with Rank 46. So I must advised everyone to read out these books wholeheartedly to fullfill their dreams.
Ashish K Lohar
it is the best book for understanding basic concepts on molecular biology, bioenergetics, biological techniques, cell biology, microbiology, immunology, and diversity. language of the book is very simple that one can easily understand all the points given in a particular topic. diagrams in this book are so simple that one can easily understand it without reading its theory. some analytical questions are also given for self evaluation. i think it is the best book, not only for preparation of the competitive exam, but also for understanding all the basic concept in life sciences which are generally skipped in college teaching.
Lekha Nath
Both Life Sciences (Part1/2) are very Informative books for cracking CSIR NET entrance exams as well including diverse topics in Life Sciences for various exams.
Harleen Kaur
Life Sciences I & II are the books on which I have relied for my NET/GATE/DBT-JRF preparation because, they precisely cover the vast syllabus of these exams.
Aakansha .
An excellent book for Gate and Net aspirants. The concepts in the book provide the right mix required for preparation of any competitive exam and overall increase in the subject knowledge. The book enhances understanding of basic concepts with minimal efforts. Each line is well drafted and incorporated maximum substance in minimum words.
Arvind Kumar
Good book for life sciences.
Umakant Singh
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